"Beijing • New York • Shanghai: Continuation of Zhang Huan"   by Xiao Xiaolan
"Zhang Huan: Dawn of Time"   by Liu Jingjing
"Zhang Huan Stopped by Chuck Close’s New York Studio"   by Sheri / Pasquarella
"Zhang Huan"   by Benjamin Genocchio
"The Circle of Zhang Huan’ s ‘Blessings,’ Embodied"   by Daniel Kunitz
"Statements"   by Zhang Huan
"In the Studio: Zhang Huan"   by Luna Shyr
"Like a Phoenix Rising: The Ash Works of Zhang Huan"   by Nina Miall
"Ash"   by Zhang Huan
"You Have to Keep Creating a New Self"   by Philip Dodd
"A Piece of Nothing"   by Zhang Huan
"Zhang Huan: Becoming the Body"   by Eleanor Heartney
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"Zhang Huan: A Deeper Panic"   by Octavio Zaya
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"Speaking the Unspeakable"   by Wu Hung
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"Intensified Corporeality"   by Yu Yeon Kim
"Seeds of Hamburg"   by Yilmaz Dziewior
"My America"   by Jeffrey Deitch
"Zhang huan"   by Thom Collins